You are currently viewing جهاز تتبع السيارات Gps Tracker AT4
جهاز تتبع السيارات Gps Tracker AT4

جهاز تتبع السيارات Gps Tracker AT4

جهاز تتبع السيارات Gps Tracker AT4

جهاز تتبع السيارات Gps Tracker AT4
جهاز تتبع السيارات Gps Tracker AT4

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  • Product Details

    AT4 AT4 10000mAh Asset GPS Tracker The advanced features, rugged construction and industry-leading battery life make the AT4 the new state of the art in GPS vehicle tracking. Using GPS, LBS positioning,

  • AT4 gives detailed reports and tell you exactly where a vehicle has been, where it’s headed and how fast it’s traveling.

  • With 10000mAh battery and IPX5 water proof to maximize performance, it puts you in total control of individual vehicles or fleets. Strong magnet facilitates the installation while built-in MIC realizes voice monitoring Feature GPS+LBS positioning Allow the location to be pinpointed in real time or periodically Listen-in

  • Listen to the surroundings by sending a text message IPX5 water proof Water-resistant case to ensure stable operation in tough environment 10000mAh battery High capacity Li-ion battery ensuring sufficient power supply Intelligent power management Reduce inefficient power consumption when the device stays idle Strong magnet Strong magnetic cover allowing for flexible mounting on vehicles or assets Tamper alert Once the device is disassembled, you will get informed immediately Tracked by: SMS, APP, Web Reports location in real time through different interfaces

جهاز تتبع السيارات
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جهاز تتبع السيارات Gps Tracker AT4